Why choose James River Veterinary Surgery?

Your pet is family and his or her care means the world to you, and to us. From lead surgeons to veterinary nurses and support staff, our entire team has dedicated our lives to learning how to best care for your companion with the most progressive treatments while offering honest and compassionate care. At the end of the day, you can rest assured that your pet will be cared for like he or she is one of our own.

What happens when plans change?

While our main goal is to treat your pet so that he or she can return home happy and healthy, there are times when hard decisions need to be made. When that time comes, we will be there to offer options that best fit the situation. Should hospice be needed, we work closely with Laps of Love and Journey’s End. And should we need to make the hardest decision of all, Laps of Love and Fetchacure.org are there to support you on the loss of your pet.

As the owner of many Labrador Retrievers, there have been numerous occasions where we have sought the expertise of Dr. Barnes. He has performed surgeries that range from simple mass removals to high-risk c-sections that other veterinarians passed on performing, to surgeries that needed to be corrected from surgical procedures performed in other practices. Not only are his surgical skills and knowledge amazing, I have never had another veterinarian who was able to be such a calming and reassuring voice in the face of making truly life or death decisions. No matter the situation, Dr. Barnes has always provided the highest standard of care and on several occasions truly saved our dogs’ lives. There simply aren’t sufficient words that can convey our gratitude for the many years of care that he has provided to our pack.”

—Paula Scholz

Veterinary Partners

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I can’t say enough about Dr. Barnes, his professionalism, and his ability to make everyone feel that he is 100% present. I saw him for three issues over the past four years. He provided consultation on a potential intestinal blockage, diagnosed a benign mass, and performed surgery to remove a benign growth from my dog’s lip. Dr. Barnes always listened, kept me involved in the diagnosis, and discussed potential courses of action and their potential outcomes. I love that he is up to date on the latest techniques and is a pioneer for innovations within his field. I totally trust Dr. Barnes with my canine children.”

—Bobbi Canup