JRVS provides cutting-edge surgical therapies to improve the quality of life for companion animals. These include:

How To Prepare

JRVS is a referral only practice and appointments will be made after your veterinarian has made a recommendation for our services. Once that has been done, here is what you can do to prepare for your pet’s visit with us:

For Consultation Appointments

  • Fill out the new patient questionnaire.
  • Bring any recent documents that you would like to share with your surgeon (e.g., blood work, medication lists, pictures/videos, etc.).

For Surgical Drop Appointments

  • No food after midnight.
  • Drop-off for surgery will be between the hours of 8:00am and 8:45am.
  • Bring your companion’s medications at the time of drop off.
  • Outpatient pick-up is between the hours of 4pm and 5pm.
  • Overnight hospitalized patient pick-up will be determined on an individual basis.

Is a referral required before consultation?

Although a referral is preferred it is not required to schedule an appointment for consultation.

How do I know if my companion requires surgery?

A consultation is the first step in the preparation for surgery. A thorough examination coupled with meticulous review of all past medical records will be part of the process. Please call the office for the first available appointment.

Do I have to have a consultation before you’ll do surgery on my pet?

Consultations are required prior to any surgical procedure.

Can consultations be made for the same day as surgery?

Yes. Consultations and same- day surgeries are reserved for either urgent conditions or for patients traveling from a long distance. Our referral coordinators can help guide you to the correct appointment allotment for your companion.

How do I prepare for surgery?

After consultation, the nursing staff will guide you through instructions on when to remove food and water prior to the day of surgery. The nursing staff will also help determine which medications could be given the night before and the morning of the procedure. Please call the office if you have specific questions regarding your companion’s pre-operative preparation.

Do I give medications prior to surgery?

This is handled on a case-by-case situation. Our nursing staff will help determine if medications should be administered the evening before or the morning of surgery.

What will my pet experience if he/she needs hospitalization?

JRVS will utilize its Critical Care Department, which is staffed 24-hours a day, to care for any hospitalized patients. You may call in at any given time to check on the status of your hospitalized companion.

What medications will be part of my companion’s recovery at home?

Most medications dispensed will be a combination of pain-relieving drugs, either given in a pill or liquid form. Additional medications, such as antibiotics and gastrointestinal support drugs may be dispensed by the direction of the attending veterinarian.

Are follow-up appointments required?

Yes. Most surgical patients will require a recheck appointment in two weeks. Additional rechecks will be required for most orthopedic cases and specific regenerative medicine cases. These appointments will be made at the time of discharge from the original surgery date to ensure the best appointment available for you and your companion.

Are additional fees required for follow-up appointments?

Routine rechecks that occur two weeks after surgery are part of the original surgery fee. What may not be covered includes additional medications, bandages, x-rays, sedated examinations, and minor surgical procedures. Our staff will be happy to help determine if an estimate is required for the recheck visit.